On July 4, 2011, PAPR and FPR volunteers traveled to Sebring in Highlands County to help with an apparent neglect situation.  27 live birds and numerous dead birds were found in awful conditions inside of a makeshift shed that was covered with tarps with temperatures reaching 115 degrees. Some birds were in cages with birds that had been dead for some time and were surrounded with cages that had other dead birds in them. The food that was present was old and moldy and there was no fresh water. These birds have suffered not only physically but mentally as well.  FPR received into rescue 10 of these birds and PAPR has the remaining 17.  Of the 10 that FPR has, you can see pictures and short bios about them below. These birds do have to be in quarantine for one month (until August 4, 2011) and then they can not be released for adoption until the authorities say the criminal investigation against the owner of the birds has been completed, but, we can begin to accept applications on these birds for their eventual adoption.  We will add more about these birds as they settle into their foster homes and their temperament has been fully evaluated. 


“TRINKET & SQUIRT” Green Cheek Conure Pair



Trinket and Squirt are a bonded pair of green cheek conures. Despite what they have been through they are lively and comical. While not hand tame they are not scared of people either and actually enjoy being talked to. Watching them interact with each other is a delight as they act like a caring, yet cantankerous old married couple!



“DANTE” Mexican Red Headed Amazon



Dante is still a bit fearful, but showing interest in people. Though a bit scared, he is not aggressive in the least. He is playing with toys and like all Amazons, always looks forward to dinner time.



“AMANI” Red Lored Amazon


Amani is a lady’s man, but is also good with men. He readily steps up and begs for a good head scratch. He is also very curious and loves to sneak out of his cage.




“QUINCY” Blue Fronted Amazon


Quincy is a wild caught blue fronted Amazon. He is a still very scared but seems to be warming up to women. Despite his shyness, he is an accomplished beggar.

No food brought into the room escapes his notice!


“LOCO” Orange Wing Amazon


Loco is a silly, animated bird. He readily steps up and enjoys a good head scratch. He has a chronic upper respiratory infection he is being treated for, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down. He loves attention and is none too shy to tell you when he’s ready for some love. 




“RAKITA” African Grey


Rakita is a wild caught grey who is a pretty angry bird right now.  He has probably never been handled. He has gone through a lot and if you know anything about greys, you will know how sensitive they are.  It will take a lot of time, patience, effort and an experienced hand to bring Rakita to a place where he will be a happier bird.

He needs a quiet and calm environment.



“NOVE & NERO” Red Wing Amazons Pair


Nova and Nero are a bonded pair and never stray very far from each other. They are wild caught birds and over the age of 20, they have probably never been handled.  Nova seems to be the more social of the two, she will come over for any food you bring into the room and take it from your hand, but she does not allow touching.  Nero is more stand-offish and will lung if you come too close to him, although both birds will come out of their cage if you are in the room and are calm and quiet and will listen when you talk to them. They are good eaters and make pleasant vocalizations.


“ORO” Gold Capped Conure


 Oro is quite a card!  He is very young, about a year old and is extremeley social.  He will step up for anyone and loves to be groomed.  He is a very good eater and likes to hang out on your shoulder.  Like most conures, he is a very vocal bird. He will be a great companion for an entire family