Christy H. writes:

Kona is a 1 to 2 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. He’s had a tough life for a very young bird. The story the woman who surrendered Kona to the rescue said he belonged to a Vet and the Vet gave him to an older woman who passed away and was then given to her grandchildren who passed him to each other, and friends. He ended up at a cousins farm. The cousin said he was to noisy so she put him in a dog crate in a shed. When we arrived to pick up Kona he was in a pigeon coop. The next morning we took him to see Dr. Reddy and she said he was in really good health except he has splay legs. Poor Kona cannot walk, stand or fly. He can get around by scooting on the floor and he can climb using his beak. What is sad is that this whole thing could have been avoided. His legs would never gotten this way if someone knew what they were doing with baby birds. The breeding box has to have nesting material to protect the babies legs until they can stand and walk. This also could have been corrected if the owner would have brought Kona to a vet and the vet could have fixed the legs by banding them. Now sadly it is to late to fix his legs. Kona seem to get very upset when we would call him Scooter, the name he came to us with. So, we changed his name to Kona and he seems to be fine with it.

Kona is now our bird & is a part of our family for the rest of his life. He is totally dependent on us & we are glad to do it. He is very much loved & is a happy healthy bird.

So I adopted Poncho (now named Skittlez) and he is so wonderful!  He is a total lovebug, although he is still scared of hands.  His favorite thing to do is to fly across the room to land on either me or my daughter and "groom" us.  He has adjusted quite well to my flock.  He is buddies with my Cockatiel, Cinnamon, and they run a muck together.  He doesn't like his cage, and chooses to be in (or on) whatever cage the others are in or on.  He is a little confused what a swing is, but I am sure over time he will learn to love it!

I am so happy he is apart of my family, and I can't wait to add more!  But shhh...don't tell the hubby. =)

Skittlez, Kitty & Cinnamon the day after he came home.

Lucky is a male Eclectus who is approximately 8-9 years old and he is just so sweet! He steps up consistently and easily to anyone and likes to give hugs.  Lucky was up for sell in a filthy booth at a flea market where it was obvious he was very sick. He had been traded in for a smaller parrot by his owner because she just did not want him anymore.  After convincing the owner of the booth that he would not be able to sell Lucky due to his extreme plucking and obvious poor health, a representative of the rescue brought him straight to the avian veterinarian where it was found he had a bacterial infection in his mouth and a fungal infection in his gut. A feather pulp sample was also sent to the lab for culture and it was found he carried two different types of bacteria in his feather follicles, one of which is resistant to most antibiotics usually used for birds.

We were able to eradicate the infection in his mouth and gut and Lucky has managed to gain  approximately 20% body weight since he has come into the rescue, he definitely loves loves loves to eat!!!!  We are still working on the feather follicle infection and the plucking. Unfortunately, the vet also feels that Lucky may have brain damage. He also does not know how to play with toys or how to use his preen gland, so these are all things we will be working on with him in the future. The vet feels it will be at least 18 months before Lucky is any where near recovery, so we have a long road ahead, but in the mean time, Lucky is enjoying good, healthy food and great company and lots and lots of love in his foster home!  Due to the severity of his problems, it has been determined that Lucky will remain in his foster home as a permanent resident for the rest of his life. He may not have been “Lucky” for the first part of his life, but he sure will be for the rest of it!!!


Florida Department Of  Agriculture & Consumer Services Required Notification








The story is basically that we first learned about conures on our visits to the pet
store. After doing some research we became interested in getting another bird
(we currently have one lovebird). We found the rescue and I saw ChiChi's photo
and description. Our dog Tiny (beagle/rat terrier) was taken to a shelter after
his former owners acquired other dogs. I suspected he was the runt of the litter
and has always been an underdog. He has been a very loyal and loving dog,
so I knew we needed to adopt ChiChi, another underdog. She and I have developed a relationship and her trust has been building since day one. She hasn't quite developed a trust for my wife quite yet but she seems to be responding to steady bribery of fruits and veggies. She and Pika the lovebird have become friends and rarely nip at each other while attempting to gain

control of one of my shoulders.

I'd encourage anyone to provide a home for a bird in need of adoption rather
than purchase one from a pet store or breeder. These birds offer the same amount of love and intelligence.


Cheers For Chi Chi!

Max is doing great!  He is so sweet and gentle.  Every morning I hold him for a few minutes and he cuddles with me.  And then at night before I cover the corner of his cage I take him in the living room with me for about 20 minutes, I scratch his neck and he just loves it.  I have to wear an old shirt because he wants to preen me so I let him nibble on the shirt.  Although he doesn't talk much he makes some different sounds, almost like purring, he does a wolf whistle and every once in a while I can get him to sing opera.  But the most interesting thing is that when anyone new comes to my house or when I spray my African gray  with water and then try to spray Max he will howl like a toddler having a tantrum.  The first time he did it was when my brother came to visit.  We really cracked up but I've since learned not to encourage him because I don't want my neighbors to think I have a crying baby here.  It took a while but he has been converted to a pellet diet supplemented with veggies, rice, pasta and tree nuts. He also likes to go outside in the screen room and play on top of his smaller cage and chew up pieces of untreated wood that my neighbor cut for him.  He really likes tearing them to shreds. He likes to sit on a perch and look out the sliding glass door.  I'm not really sure if he's watching the squirrels or the birds at the feeder but he seems to enjoy being there.  So all in all he seems to be content and I certainly am happy to have him as part of my pet family.  I would certainly tell anyone not to hesitate to adopt an older bird especially if it is anywhere as sweet as Max.  Thanks for all the good work you do.  Sincerely, Joanne


Adopted by  Joanne M.

Just wanted to share a recent picture of Tweeter, he is doing great! He is on an pellet, fruit and veggies diet. He does enjoy the occasional toast and gets excited about cheerios. He is such a good little boy! We are working on socializing him with the Quaker who is incredibly jealous of him. With patience they'll get to be great friends!

Again, thanks for all your help!


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Steve Wrote:


I hope that everything is going good for you.  

Just wanted to give you an update on the birds…


First they have both taught each other a ton of new words; Goldie will ride on and call our chocolate lab..."FUDGE_FUDGE".  Goldie has so many words, it is incredible, she loves to call the cats. HERE KITTY, KITTY, KITTY.  They have both recognized ALL four of our ring tones and say "HELLO" every time any of our phones ring.  Goldie is my favorite, we have really bonded..Skittles has bonded with Austin and Shannon..Skittles SLEEPS in bed with Austin. Skittles ONLY poops OUTSIDE.NEVER IN HIS CAGE!!  Not once since we have got him.  Goldie has free reign on the house, she walks everywhere.  Skittles say bye bye when he goes to bed, and MORN, MORN, MORN when you get him out in the mornings.  Goldie plays peek-a-boo, and says night night every night.  Skittles says I love you and pretty bird all the time..Goldie says ill be back every time you leave the room.


We are having a BLAST with them!


Hope you have a great 4th....



Her new owner says; 

She is doing great and is such a joy to be around.

Thanks Tampa Bay Parrot Rescue!

Gordy’s Family Wrote To Say:


She was very excited to see Santa!

We have put her harness on here three times now and she is getting more & more used to every time!


Have A Merry Christmas From


I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that the kittens we adopted last June are doing great! We are absolutely in love with CoCo and Yoda. We brought them to your vet the first few times, but after a few long trips, decided to transfer them to a vet closer to home. CoCo (the white kitty) is known as my husband’s mistress because she is constantly by his side and craving his attention. Yoda likes to take naps under the covers and sleeps at my daughter’s feet every night. Both cats are as playful and healthy as they can be. They remain best friends and offer each other constant entertainment (which keeps them out of trouble!).

Keep up the great work and thank you so much for our beautiful babies!!


Kimberly M

Special Projects Coordinator

Shriners International Headquarters

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