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Blue & Gold Macaw   “YoYo”

Nanday Conure



Adoption Fee $75

Or   $125 With Cage



Hello, my name is Jessie and I am a Nanday Conure. My foster parents named me Jessie since they don't know if I am a boy or girl. Like all Conures, I have a lot of energy and I love to randomly flock call. I am uncertain of my foster parents, but they understand that sudden movements and hands kind of scare me at times. I like to come out of my room, sit on foster mom's shoulder and preen my feathers. My foster mom loves to scratch my head and give me kisses, I kind of like it too. My foster mom likes to call me sweet pea and says I am a big love. I will make a wonderful companion, just as long as you scratch my head and give me lots of love.

Blue & Gold Macaw “OSCAR”

Adoption Fee $400 or $650 With Cage

Adoption Fee $400

$650 With Cage

Hi, my name is Yo-Yo, I am a blue and gold macaw. I love to say "oooh" when you have food in your hand to get your attention. Although I don't have all my feathers because I'm a plucker, my personality makes up the difference.  I like to say "Hi" in a calm smooth voice when I want you to play with me. Please rescue me from Florida Parrot Rescue I've been being taken care of but I really want a forever home. I'm about 7 years old, and I love to play. I also pick up and say almost everything you do, so be careful.

Dondi actively searches out human companionship.  She will step up easily and consistently to be moved from place to place. She will climb down off of her playstand and transverse a room to get to you to be picked up and cuddled. Nibbs is a little more reserved, at first he would not step up without biting, but we have learned that if we take Dondi out of the cage and over to their playstand first, then he will step up easily and consistently with no biting at all.  To move them back to the cage or to take them to other areas of the home or outside, same thing, move Dondi first and then Nibbs is easy to handle.  We know that Nibbs is 10 because of his band, but the vet feels Dondi is younger, about 5.  These birds have a long life span and will make a wonderful life time addition to your family!

Conures “Bonded Pair”


Dondi is a female Cherry Head Conure and Nibbs is a male Mitered Conure and they are a bonded pair that have been together for all of their approximately 10 years. Nibbs is plucked on his lower chest, legs and under his wings and the feathers most likely will never grow back, however, he does not currently pluck.  Neither bird seems to be bothered by dogs or cats and they do like to occasionally call to the other birds. Like most birds, they like to call in the morning and again in the evening and occasionally will let out a warning call if another bird gets too close to their cage, but that has lessened with time. The other noises they make are usually very pleasant and entertaining and soon as the sun goes down, they are silent. Both birds will come out of their cage to sit on the door if you bring them a treat.  They like to eat grapes, bananas and corn and really like oatmeal with a touch of cinnamon. They have now been successfully converted to  eating pellets with seeds only as an occasional treat, but we are still working on getting them to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Teak is the sweetest Quaker you will ever meet!  As you can see, she is an active plucker, but the vet feels she is quite healthy.  Teaks family loved her very much, but they were transferred to a state where Quakers are banned. Teak misses her family, especially her

conure buddies that were part of her flock.

Teak would be happy if she had bird friends again that accepted her and she should really be in a home with other birds.  Teak has not shown any aggression and does not bite.  She/he is timid but super sociable!  She is very afraid to be left alone without other birds around though, so please keep this in mind if you decide to adopt her. Teak deserves and needs a forever home!

Moluccan Cockatoos




Jazzy and Princess are two very special birds and they will need a VERY special owner who has a lot of love and dedication to offer to these two beauties. They are both in their late 30’s, however, knowing they can live to be 80 or beyond, they still have a lot of life left to live! Princess is a very sweet bird, she wants your attention ALL of the time and loves to cuddle on your lap.  Because of this, when she came into rescue, she was a screamer.  Her foster Mom has worked VERY hard to change that behavior and has been making a lot of progress, but whoever adopts these two, will need to continue to be firm with her and their schedule in order to keep this behavior from re-occurring.  Princess does have a couple of medical issues.  She has developed arthritis in her feet and therefore her toes do not bend, because of this, she can not perch on branches, however she does fine in a persons lap and while in the cage she does live near the bottom of the cage, so certain precautions will need to be taken to make sure her living conditions are clean and healthy for her. She currently lives in a cage that promotes her needs. She does require physical therapy for a few minutes each day on her feet as well as a daily medication. Princess also came into rescue with scissor beak and does require regular visits to the vet to keep that beak in check.  Jazzy is not as social and Princess.  He can bite and does not like to be away from Princess, he is so totally devoted to her!  Although he is starting to adjust to life as a companion bird, he will need someone who is willing to continue working with him so that he can become more sociable and tolerant of life in a companion home since he can not bear to be away from Princess, who definitely needs to be a companion bird. Jazzy does also have some medical issues.  At one time, these two were kept outside and a raccoon was able to enter their cage.  The raccoon attacked Jazzy and almost severed one of his legs.  Because the owner did not provide the proper medical care to Jazzy, his leg healed in an upright position in such a way that he sits on the bend of the leg and not on the foot.  Because of this he also has a hard time perching and therefore the cage they are currently in is doubly needed.  Jazzy needs to be watched carefully to make sure that the leg does not get re-injured or need any special care by a veterinarian. Please understand that the person or family who adopts these birds will need to have a close relationship with an avian veterinarian and must be able to provide for all of their financial, physical and mental needs for a long time to come.

Adoption Fee $600 For

The Pair Includes Cage

Adoption Fee $125

$200 With Cage


Goffin Cockatoos


Buzz and Tiki are a bonded pair of Goffin Cockatoo’s that must be adopted out together and they do live in the same cage.  Buzz (named after Buzz Light Year), is approximately eight years old, and Tiki is approximately three years old. These two goffin’s are believed to be males, but have not been DNA sexed.  Buzz has proven to be very responsive to interaction however Tiki typically shys away. Both of these beautiful birds love to chew on any toys that are given to them.  Their diet consists of pellets, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.  With lots of love and patience, these two boys could make a wonderful pair for a family

to spoil for the rest of their lives!

Adoption Fee $650

Or   $875 With Cage

Bonded Budgie Pair


A bonded pair of brightly colored, energetic parakeets. Both are friendly and verbally responsive when talked to but don't like being handled. They will eat millet seed from your hand through the cage bars but get excitable when you open the cage. They prefer the standard parakeet seed mix and don't seem very interested in fresh fruits and vegetables yet, but we will work on that. They like to chatter when spoken to but do not say any words.



Adoption Fee $30 or $55 With Cage


Cockatiels  * Bonded Pair *

Bucky and Sunshine are a bonded pair of cockatiels.

Age undetermined. Bucky (solid dark grey wings) is missing some feathers from the left side of his head. Both birds chirp and whistle but do not talk at this time.

Both are sweet and friendly and will step up, and sit on your shoulder. They enjoy being out of the cage. They eat primarily a cockatiel seed mix diet and enjoy being handfed fresh fruits.



Adoption Fee $50 or $100 With Cage


Quaker Parrots  ** Special Needs**

Fostered By Mechele H. in Lutz, FL

Chester is a splayed leg Quaker Parrot who is laid back and gets around very well. Chester thinks he/she is no different than his buddy Jack!  The two are bonded.  Chester is the one to protect Jack and their cage.  Once Chester is out of the cage he/she is a sweetheart.  Chester will lay directly on your chest and rest his beak on your chest while you are petting and talking or sit there nicely looking around.  Chester also enjoys sitting in the palm of your hand to hang out. Jack is a curious Quaker. Jack is always wanting to try new things and investigate on his own if within cage reach.  Jack is usually the one to try to take away Chester’s toy or anything to get a squawk!  Jack likes to ride on your shoulder and nuzzle in your hair.  Jack and Chester both enjoy sitting on kids fingers and being petted and talked to. Neither birds talk but have their own language when you come into the room to say your hello or goodnight. Chester & Jack are healthy,  lively birds that have been converted to a diet of pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables and are now looking for their forever home!

Fostered By Sherrie M. of Tampa, FL

Fostered by David & Denice of Tarpon Springs, FL

Adoption Fee $100 or  $175  With Cage

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Quaker Parrot “FLO” 

My name is Flo.  I like to be out of my cage.  I am very vocal and can even say "step up" whacha doin" and "peek-a-boo" .  

 I really love sitting on my foster Grammy's shoulder and grooming her.  I need lots of love and attention.  I can be a little cage aggressive but once I'm out, it's all good.

Adoption Fee $50 Or   $100 With Cage

Fostered by Aimee S. of Seminole, FL

Unless Otherwise Noted, These Are Our Current Adoption Fees:


·  Parakeets, Finches & Budgies: $15 or $40 With Cage

·  Lovebirds & Cockatiels: $25 or $50 With Cage

·  Ringnecks, Conures, Quakers: $75 or $125 with cage 

·  Poicephalus/Senegal, Pionus, Alexandrines, and Lories: $250  with cage $325

·  Small Amazons (White Fronts, Lilac Crowns, Senegal, Mexican Red Heads, etc.):

   $300 with cage $450

·  Greys, Eclectus, Mini-Macaws, Goffin and Bare-Eyed Cockatoos, and Large Amazons

    (Yellow Napes,  Double Yellow Heads, Blue Fronts): $350 with cage $550 

·  Macaws and Large Cockatoos: $400 With cage is $650

Florida Department Of  Agriculture & Consumer Services Required Notification








Snowy is 35 years old and came into the rescue from a loving home of 25 years.  His owners felt they could no longer provide the attention he needs and made the very difficult decision to have him rehomed.  Snowy is a very sweet and loving cockatoo.  He is a little hesitant at first but with a little nudging will step up, once you pick him up he is a Cuddle Bug!  Snowy does not talk, but he does make the sweetest coos and occassionally will laugh with the family.  Snowy does pluck his abdominal/chest area but his feathers do still grow back as the follicles are not destroyed.  We have not seen him pluck since he came into the foster home, so hopefully they will grow back.  Snowy will step up to anyone and wants to kiss everyone!  He enjoys being outside sitting on the 'front porch swing'.  Please remember that this species of bird can live to be 80 years or older and needs a lot of attention on a daily basis. Snowy will make a great addition to your family and still has many years left to devote to you!!!

Umbrella Cockatoo “SNOWY” 

Adoption Fee $400

$650 With Cage

Quaker Parrot  “TEAK” 

Adoption Fee $50  Or $100 With Cage

Fostered by Karen A.

**Conures, by nature, are very energetic, lively and

loud birds, and this pair of birds is no exception to that

general rule, therefore these birds should not be adopted

into an apartment or condominium situation.**

Fostered by Mark

Fostered By Michele H. of Lutz, FL

Oscar is a beautiful 14 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. He has a very charismatic personality, maybe a little shy, but he comes around very quickly.  After he gets to know you, he is loving, gentle and affectionate.   Oscar loves attention and to be stroked on the head and the back of the neck.  Oscar is on a zupreem pelleted diet and also loves fresh fruit .  Oscar tends to prefer females to males but will accept anyone who gives love and has the patience to take the time to gain his trust.  He will make a wonderful life time addition to your family!! 

Fostered by Richard K. 
of Pinellas Co, FL


Green Cheek Conure

Rocko has made so much progress in such a short amount of time!  He now steps up consistently from inside of, on top of, or outside of his cage.  He loves to snuggle up in your hair and groom your face.  He seems to prefer women, he does not like my husband at all, but he loves my two oldest daughters (ages 11 & 9). He does not like very small children though (will actually chase my 5 year old and try to bite her feet!).  Other animals do not bother him at all, however, he does not want to socialize with them, he seems to only want human companionship in the form of a female. He will hop down from the top of his cage and walk around on the floor until he finds you, so he does need to be watched closely so he does not get hurt, but we are working on curbing this behavior and it is happening less and less.  He has also now been successfully converted to a pelleted diet with fresh fruits and vegetables with only some seed. In short, he has become very sure of himself and will make a great companion!

Fostered By Karen A. Of Gibsonton, FL

Adoption Fee $75 or $125 With Cage

“SUNNY & DUFFY”  Sun Conures

Fostered By Jillian of Orlando, FL



Yellow Nape Amazon



Fostered By Aimee S. of  Pinellas County, FL

Pretty Girl is approximately 3 years old.  She is a very sweet bird who is not aggressive at all.  She is not socialized with other birds and prefers not to interact with them.  When Pretty Girl was first adopted from the breeder, it was said that she was keep in an isolated room with little interaction.  She seems to want the attention but is very unsure.  I can definitely see her lack of confidence in me when interacting with her so it is apparent that she was rarely handled.  We are currently working with Applied Behavior Analysis to build a relationship with her.  She will give a skin breaking warning bite if she becomes over-stimulated, so she will need someone with lots and lots of patience to be able to be handled.

She is currently an extremely finicky eater and will not eat any fresh food offered to her on a daily basis.  She eats pellets as well as a few sunflower seeds and we are working on changing this diet to a complete pellet diet.  She gets apple cider vinegar water on a daily basis.  She does not seem to care too much for being misted and we are working on that also.

She does say a few things like “hi Pretty Girl” and “hello” but is a relatively quiet bird.  She has many fine toys in her cage, but does not seem to have much of an interest in them.  I believe that if she had a forever home, she would eventually

learn to trust at least one person of a human flock and her natural curiosity would shine through. 

She appears to crave the attention paid to her but does not understand how to respond in kind. 

This is a magnificent bird that would do wonderful as a single bird.  She will take plenty of love and attention and understanding to develop that lasting bond that will last the 40-80 year lifespan of this lovely baby.

Adoption Fee $350

Or   $550 With Cage

Adoption Fee $150 Or $225 With Cage



Fostered By Sherrie M. of Tampa, FL

Fostered by Julie C. of Jacksonville, FL

“CHESTER & JACK”   Quaker Pair

Sunny and Duffy are both Sun Conures suspected males approximately 20 years old. Both birds step up  but will need some caution as they are weary of new people. Sunny has a slight beak defect that is barely noticeable and is the more cautious one of the too, but with time warms up very quickly and likes to watch over Duffy.  Duffy likes to be handled more than sunny and will sit on your shoulder and is very affectionate. Duffy also likes to dance to music , he prefers 80’s music but will dance to just about any kind! Sunny and Duffy do not speak right now but can be trained as they are a very smart pair. Sunny & Duffy are on a diet of mixed vegetables, rice, pellets  and  Nutraberries occasionally . Sunny is very fond of all thing sweet, which is a great tool in getting him to gain your trust and will let you feed him. Sunny is the loudest of the two and Duffy is relatively quiet as he lets Sunny do the squawking for him.

These two are a great pair for anyone that doesn’t mind a little bit of noise,

both very affectionate with a lots of potential  for anyone that wants to shower them with love!

Fostered by Illeana of Polk County, FL

“ZOEY”  Nansun Conure

Fostered by Becki C. of Pinellas County, Florida

Zoey is a 5 month old Nansun Conure (Sun Conure and Nanday Conure hybrid).

These types of hybrids do not happen in the wild,

but as you can see, she is a beautiful baby!

As with most Conures, her colors should get brighter with age.

Conures are known to be playful and curious and of course somewhat loud at times. Right now, she is a pretty quiet bird, but that will most likely change with her age and confidence level. Conures can live to be 30-50 years old and  the lucky family to adopt her will have her for a very long time to come! 

She will make a great addition to any family!


Fostered by Becki C. of Pinellas County, Florida

“LILY”  Nansun Conure

Lily is a 5 month old Nansun Conure (Sun Conure and Nanday Conure hybrid). These types of hybrids do not happen in the wild, but as you can see, she is a beautiful baby! She is currently getting used to being socialized with people and she will step up after only a few tries. She does not show a preference between males or females and is currently being fostered in a home with children, so she will be very well socialized. She is pretty quiet, although this will most likely change with her age and confidence level. She is learning to eat pellets along with fresh fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds as treats. She will make a great addition to any family and will be with you for a very long time to come!!

Adoption Fee $75 Or   $125 With Cage

Adoption Fee $75 Or   $125 With Cage