C.J.'s background suggests that he was a therapy bird for a children's hospital.

He recently was the star at my kindergarten grade son's school for show and tell. It was a week to share something that began with the letter C. What better than a cockatoo named C.J.? All 17 of the kids got to take a picture with him and he was a huge hit!! He thrives in having something to do, a "job," and really enjoys the time he spends at the veterinary clinic where he has been able to be social and in contact with many of our clients and customers. I work with Dr. Readdy at Countrychase Veterinary, and she has been caring for him for the last month he has been in the rescue. He requires some to be determined medical care and will need ongoing observation by Dr. Readdy as he has in the past performed some self-mutilation to his chest. He is healing extremely well and we are all hopefull that he will not continue this behavior. He has been in a wrap covering his chest to allow healing and discourage mutilation which has required weekly changing. He also plucked his leg feathers, but they have grown back beautifully.


Please do your research on any pet you plan to adopt, but especially birds. They are hypersensitive to their environment and their owners and C.J. is living proof of this. He will require daily activity, perhaps some foraging area(s), and lots of socialization. CJ is fine with other animals, including dogs as well as children, of course! C.J. is a jewel in the rescue for sure and will make an awesome addition to your family.

ďCJĒ† Moluccan Cockatoo

Fostered by Lisa J. Of Hillsborough County, FL

Adoption Fee $400 Or†† $650 With Cage

C.J. is an extremely loving and co-dependant cockatoo. He loves anyone, especially children...but his heart belongs to MEN!! He loves to socialize and be loved on by men. He loves my husband and tends to talk up a storm with him.

He says plainly "Hello," "Hello C.J.," "Hi C.J.," and sometimes says "I love you," "Cutie Pie," and "pretty bird." He does many whistles including the wolf whistle, he makes kissing noises, he clucks his tounge, he will give you a kiss most times when asked with a smoochy noise. CJ also has three or four different laughs that he makes when he hears ongoing laughter.

He is truly a loving and sweet cockatoo! 

ďTAKAĒ† Senegal Parrot

Fostered by Taylor of Orlando, FL

Hi, my name is Taka which means hawk in Japanese. I am a wonderful family bird and would be an great bird for a novice bird owner. I am still a baby and havenít even turned two years old yet. I came from a great first home but they felt I needed more socialization so that I wouldn't develop bad habits. I've done great in my foster home and even spent a weekend with some other bird friends and was great for that family as well. I really get to know my family and I get excited to see you after youíve been gone for the day. My chirps and squeak are pleasant and not obnoxious at all. When I get especially happy I purr like a cat. I have really blossomed into a great bird since Iíve been in my foster home a few weeks. I have a great personality and like to hang out in, on or around my cage but I also love to be on your shoulder or in your lap. I really enjoy being petted, especially on the head. Once I get to know you, I will lay on my back in your hand and let you backwards brush my head feathers and to make sure you know I like it and want more, I grab my face with my foot. I haven't given my foster mom any problems with biting. If Iím not in the mood to come out of my cage (which is VERY rare) I'll give a little warning nip but Iíve never bitten her hard and certainly never broken skin or anything. I am not cage aggressive at all so come on in. My favorite thing in the world is to take showers with you in the mornings. Iím scared of being misted and I donít know what to do with the bath in my cage but boy do I know what do when I get in the shower with you. I put my head in the water and let it run down my back and Iíd probably play in there all day if you let me. I really just enjoy being around people, even if it is just in or on my cage. When my foster mom walks into the kitchen and I canít see her l chirp to try to get her attention. I understand she has to work though and Iím okay with that. I stay in my cage and I am patient until she gets home to play with me. I keep myself entertained during the day with my toys and my food. I eat zupreem pellets with fresh and frozen fruits and veggies but really Iíll eat just about anything. Iím not bothered by dogs or cats and Iím very healthy and passed my vet check with flying colors. Iíll live to be about 30 years old so I am excited to get settled into my forever home and my foster mom tells me stories about my wonderful family who is out there looking for me. I canít wait!

Adoption Fee $250

or $325 With Cage