Zoe is a female cinnamon cockatiel who is about 4 or 5 years old.  She has been very sweet since coming into rescue and has taken a shine to my middle daughter and is happy just sitting with her all day.  She will sit in her lap and let her scratch the back of her neck and she steps up easily.  She will make a wonderful companion for a little girl or young woman but

would also adjust well as a family companion!

Cockatiel  “ZOE”

Fostered by Alex L. of Pasco County, FL

Adoption Fee $25  Or With Cage $50

“FORREST GUMP” Quaker Parrot

Adoption Fee $50 or $100 With Cage

Fostered by Laura P. of New Port Richey, FL

Forrest Gump is a very independent bird. He loves to play on my son's bunkbed.  He loves grapes, cauliflower, brocolli and seeds...unfortunately he does not like the pellets and will throw them out of his bowl and on the floor, so he will continue to need work on converting to a better diet.  He seems to like men but tolerates me (a woman) and allows me to pick him up when he is out of his cage.  He does well with my son also who is 11yrs old.  Forrest does occasionally flock call and when I tell him to stop by saying "you better be quite" he tells me right back "you be quite", lol! Forrest does have a little disability with one leg that bows out a little when he walks, but it does not affect his health and he does very well with his balance inside his cage and outside as long as he is not on your shoulders. He loves to hang outside in the lanai and watch the world outside and has started to squawk like the crows,

ha ha!  Forrest Gump is a loving, wonderful bird with a lot of potential

and will make a wonderful family companion!

“BABY”  Sun Conure

Baby is a 11-12 year old Sun Conure. He is very shy and does not have a good grip. He will step up but is not fully socialized. Apparently, when he was younger, he did not have any toys to play with in his cage nor was he handled. He now loves to chew wood voraciously and also paper. He gets several folded papers daily on the bottom of his cage to shread. He also likes to chew cereal boxes and cardboard. He will bathe in a bowl of water but does not like to be misted. He is a relatively quiet bird. He does not like other birds. He will tolerate human interaction as long as his cage is in sight. He is on a 50% seed 50% pellet diet and we are working on converting over to the 80% pellet 20% seed diet. Fresh fruits and veggies are offered every day but Baby does not really display an interest in these. I will continue to offer them everyday in the hopes he will get the idea. He is very beautiful and will make a wonderful companion for someone that does not have any other birds as he is aggressive towards other birds. He does have a slight little issue where he will have a seizure if restrained (like in a towel to see the vet or get nails and wings clipped). He did display this while being vetted when he came into the rescue, but he recovered from the seizure quickly and the vet said that it is related to stress and will not affect his health in any way and she also stated she has seen it before so it is not totally uncommon. Baby just needs an understanding, patient and calm home where he can be the center of attention!!

Fostered by Amy S. Of Pinellas County, FL

Adoption Fee $75

Or   $125 With Cage

“CASPER”  Umbrella Cockatoo

Casper is a beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo with a lot of life and attitude! We are not exactly sure of his age, but he recently had surgery and is now feeling fine and dandy! Casper can be a loving bird and can be affectionate with me by getting under my chin to give me a hug, he seems to like music and I have seen him dance. He will say his name. Casper does require a lot of attention and appears like most birds to have a favorite person in the house. in this case its me! He also seems to like to be outside and ride in the car. Casper can and will bite, and he has; yet he hasn't bitten me. He likes Grapes, apples, strawberries, etc...  Umbrella cockatoos can live up to and possibly beyond 80 years of age and do require a lot of attention for their entire life span, so please keep this in mind when deciding to adopt. These birds are VERY social and need a lot of interaction, but their loving personalities and the devotion they show to their chosen person is second to none. If you are an extremely dedicated owner who is willing to provide significant and meaningful attention to this intelligent parrot for the rest of your life, then Casper is for you!

Fostered by Gary W. of Lake City, FL

Adoption Fee $400 Or   $650 With Cage


Pair Of Quaker Parrots

“Bonded Pair”

Must Be Adopted As Pair

Fostered by Shawn & Elizabeth of Lake Wales, FL

These are 2 very sweet birds! They are both approximately 4 years old.  They do love each other, but can also be very jealous of each other.  Monkey (green quaker) was a previous plucker, however he hasn't plucked since being in rescue. Monkey does love to come out of his cage and socialize with Shawn (a male) but doesn't seem to like females yet, that may change with more socialization. CJ (blue quaker)  can say "uh-oh" and "quaker quaker". CJ is a bit cage agressive, but once away from the cage, she loves everyone and is quite social. Both birds are currently being converted to a healthier diet to include pellets and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are also both learning to play with toys and to become more inquisitive, like a Quaker is meant to be! CJ and Monkey have both come a long way in the short time they have been with the rescue and have the potential to make wonderful family pets for a long time to come!

Adoption Fee $100

or $175 With Cage

Adoption Fee $400 Or   $650 With Cage

“STEWIE”  Sulfer Crested Cockatoo

Stewie is a beautiful 5 year old Sulfer Crested Cockatoo. Sulfer Crested Cockatoos are native to Australia and New Guinea and can live upwards of 70 years in captivity! These birds are naturally curious creatures, as well as very intelligent and require a lot of interaction and socialization on a regular, daily basis. Cockatoos in general are demanding pets, they require a devoted owner and continuing obedience training from a young age and with the right owner can be very affectionate and loyal. Unfortunately, Stewie isn't trusting people right now, but his foster family and friends are working with him daily to gain his trust (a work in progress), but we know that once he regains trust and

that he is just going to blossom and

be one of the best cockatoo's ever!

Fostered by Cheryl of Orlando, FL

Squeekers is a 15 year old Indian Ringneck Parrot. She has rarely been out of her cage in all of that time, so she does need a lot of socialization.  She does appear to be cage aggressive; however, this is most likely due to the fact that she has not been let out of her cage on a regular basis.  She does allow me to change her food and water without any problem. She is now enjoying a bit of freedom as the door to her cage is left open for several hours a day, although she has not decided to venture out yet, in our experience, she will soon and then her socialization with humans can begin!  She does seem to be interested in the other birds and she is quit a beauty herself, perfect feather and in good health. She came into rescue on a seed only diet, so I will be working on converting her to a pelleted diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Once we get her to understand that humans can be friendly

and fun, she will make a great companion!

“SQUEEKERS”  Indian Ringneck

Adoption Fee $75 Or   $125 With Cage

Fostered by Becki C.

of Pinellas Co, FL

“MAGGIE”        African Grey

What a funny bright eyed Grey! Maggie is a Congo and Timneh cross. We have enjoyed Maggie's company for only a short time but, as she gets more comfortable she is playing, dancing and talking ... she says "Cool", "Maggie", "What?", mumbles something we are not sure about...and makes a sound like a Cat that has been startled??? She eats a wide variety of foods and pellets, when it is her favorite treat, that is when she says "cool"! She whistles for the dog....silly dog keeps coming, lol! Maggie steps up, plays "dead bird" and loves her head scratched. She plays with her toys and her favorite bell all day long. She is very curious and loves to explore. Maggie is with us because her previous owner became ill, and she could not take care of her daily or play with her as much. Maggie prefers women.  If you are looking for a Grey, Maggie will make you a wonderful lifetime companion and is waiting for your call today! 

Fostered by Cora C. of Melbourne, FL

Adoption Fee $400

Or   $650 With Cage

Tiki is a majestic and regal Moluccan Cockatoo who is approximately 7 years old.  It is presumed that he is a

male but he has not been DNA tested for gender. 

He sports a brilliant flamingo colored crest. 

Moluccans are the largest of the white cockatoo species.


Our young man is shy at first but will stand still indefinitely for head scratches and doesn't appear to be cage aggressive. Tiki will hiss constantly at first but it is due to fear. The good news is that he overcomes it after getting to know you. As you can see he is a very affectionate little (big) guy. He loves to go outside and play.  He enjoys being in the room with you and riding around on your should (caution – allowing a bird to ride on your shoulder is not always recommended and should only be considered after spending enough time with the bird and forming an evaluation). He likes to shred wood and piñatas. He likes to eat a little bit of everything,

but he has to be in the mood.   


Although Mollucans are known to have one of the loudest parrot calls Tiki has sounded off only a few times within a 4 week period and only for short periods of time. Mollucans in general are very intelligent and should be nurtured by providing plenty of mental stimuli and training; owning this type of bird requires a special person with a lot of time and attention to give. Mollucans are the most sensitive of the cockatoos. They also require the largest cages of all the parrots. Tiki’s cage is 64” wide. He needs a play stand when out of his cage.


  His previous owner did say he is extremely affectionate and very handleable, but tends to bond to only one person. She noted that he is not aggressive towards the rest of the people in the home, but just does not care for them. We also know that at one time he was housed with several other M2's that picked on him but he seems to be fine with his U2 foster brother. Tiki has plucked some of his feathers around the tips of his wings and his thighs. Plucking is very common for this species but Tiki still has a beautiful feather presentation (see picture) and there is no evidence that he still plucks. 

Tiki can live to be about 70-80 years old and therefore

has a life time of love to give to you!

“TIKI”  Moluccan Cockatoo

Meet Rosie an 8yr old Blue & Gold Macaw.

She is a typical juvenile macaw. A funny in your face kinda bird!!! She's bossy and hard headed one minute and loving and sweet the next. She is a BIG cuddle bug. When she is afraid she will tuck her head under your chin-while you soothe and pet her-until she feels secure again. 

She likes going outside. She likes car rides. She just likes being wherever you are.

She is a very smart macaw. She began 'clicker' training before joining FPR.

She is too smart and funny to sit in a cage all day long. She will let you know vocally if she is bored.
Did I mention bossy? She will try to intimidate you with her beak. She needs consistent positive discipline or you will never meet the sweet cuddly side of this macaw.

Rosie has lot's of personality and shows it all the time.


Blue & Gold Macaw

Adoption Fee $400

Or   $650 With Cage

Desi and Lucy are a pair of young, bonded Quaker Parrots. Desi is such a sweet Quaker! We have been practicing the step-up command and he is doing very well.  Desi does not bite and actually likes to cuddle to your chest. Desi is not shy and has recently been trying to talk. He already makes kisses and yaks, yaks, yaks! He used to be pretty plucked, but since being in rescue, his feathers have been growing back in. Lucy is a bit of a shy Quaker Parrot, but very gentle and seems to be very happy and content.  Lucy will make higher pitched noises to try to get your attention, Gentle, sweet and lovable is how I describe Lucy.  Come 7PM every night I cover their cage and don't hear a "tweet“ out of them till morning! They will make wonderful lifetime additions to your family!



 Quaker Parrots

Adoption Fee $100

Or $175 With Cage

Fostered By Claire M.

“OLIVER”    Yellow Nape Amazon

Fostered By Casey N. of Williston, FL

Oliver is an absolutely beautiful Yellow Nape Amazon.  He is a 12 year old DNA sexed male.  When I first met Oliver, my first reaction was how pretty he was, and then he started talking.  My next reaction was, what an amazing bird!  Oliver has an extremely impressive vocabulary.  He will keep himself (and you) amused by having full on conversations.   He also enjoys playing with his toys and chewing up his blocks.  I haven't known Oliver long however he was quickly willing to become my buddy and asks for my hand to step up.  He was very shy in the beginning as he was not handled by many people and had learned he could be intimidating due to his size, but each day he spends with me, he has become braver and more curious.  He has lots to learn and is more then willing to do so.  For a person with bird experience he will make a wonderful life long friend! 

Cocoa is a 5 year old Congo African Grey.  She(?) will greet you in the morning with a "hello." She has a rather large vocabulary and mimics lots of noises. However her language can be R rated at times and may not be appreciated in a house with children. She is rather confused at the moment and doesn't understand why she had to leave her mom. Her insecurities come out in rather aggressive behavior. She is not for an inexperienced person. We initially made some progress over a plate of spaghetti. She is not a picky eater and enjoys trying new things. She becomes more trusting daily and will now step up. Other birds or dogs do not seem to bother her. She has the potential to be a wonderful parrot for a person willing to spend the time to bond with her.

“COCOA” Congo African Grey

Fostered By Casey of North Florida

Adoption Fee $350 Or $550 With Cage

Miligold Macaw    “RAY”


    He eats 1/2 cup of Zupreem pellets a day. He is offered all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies daily but only nibbles on them. He loves grapes and green apples though. But if you're eating chips or any kind of fast food, junk food,

or your dinner he wants what he thinks is his share! He lets you know this by doing the Macaw honk.

    This young man needs manners. I am currently working with him on this and he's doing pretty well. In his former nest he was allowed to fly & 'run the roost'. He is coming to understand he is not the flock leader.

Keeping his flight feathers properly trimmed is mandatory in order for Ray to know his place in your home.

He must not be allowed to perch anywhere up high especially on top of his cage.

Socialization. I cannot stress this enough. His cage was in the living room

in his former nest, so he's accustomed to being with his flock 24/7.

He doesn't have to live in your living room. But I suggest putting a large play stand with lots of entertaining toys where

ever your family hangs out the most. Ray loves, loves, loves, to chew so plenty of chew toys should be kept on hand.

    I know you must be thinking 'this Macaw will be too much work', but he doesn't really require any more work than your average Macaw. He just needs positive reinforcement of the rules, socialization, & not be allowed to perch high above the human flock.

He's been a very good boy now that he's accepted the rules.

I know that he will be a great addition to your family with many years of enjoyment to come.

Fostered by Lisa F. of Pinellas County, FL

Adoption Fee $400

or $650 With Cage

This is Ray. He's a 25yr old DNA’d male Miligold Macaw. He has no known preferences as far as human males or females. He doesn't seem to mind dogs or kids or noise. He likes car rides. He loves it outside. The park is one of his favorite places! He very much enjoys hanging out with his human flock. He lets me pet and preen him. I can’t resist giving him a good scratch whenever I pass his play stand. He's been pretty quiet since he's been here but we'll wait and see how vocal he is once he gets used to being here at my nest.  

“JACOB”  Umbrella Cockatoo

Jacob is a sweet and friendly Umbrella Cockatoo. He loves attention and will dance and sing with you or for you! I have to admit he's one of the quietest cockatoos I have ever seen! Other then talking and singing he rarely ever vocalizes. On occasion, if he is covered and you happen to disturb him, he may let you know it! His diet consists of a variety of pellets, dried fruit and nuts. Also, he likes fresh fruits and veggies, broccoli, carrots, grapes, zucchini and likes to try new things. If you are looking for a loving feathered companion, Jacob may be the bird for you!

Adoption Fee $400

Or   $650 With Cage

Fostered by Bonnie C. Of Altamonte Springs, FL

Nanday Conure Mix “TIKO”

The vet describes Tiko as a Nanday Conure Mix, he definitely has a lot of nanday in him but also a little of something else that she is not sure of, either way, he is just gorgeous! We think Tiko about 7-10 years old and he is in great health. He is a bit larger for a Nanday, but so handsome! He steps up and loves to spend his days sitting on top of his cage, standing in the doorway of his cage playing with his favorite toy or shredding the paper on the bottom of his cage and re-arranging it to suit Tiko's preference. Behavior: Tiko will "Step-up" for you as long as he is out of his cage. He is very intelligent and sweet but will need someone to teach this willing student to express himself and converse with his for-ever "flock". He really likes to do loop to loops on his favorite perch! He is OK with Dogs...ignores them really...they are not worthy, lol!  Just a great bird who will make a great lifetime companion!

Adoption Fee $75

Or   $125 With Cage

Fostered by Gary W. of Lake City, FL

“OZZIE”  Nanday Conure

Ozzie is a 26 year young Nanday Conure. He absolutely adores women, and will make every effort to get to one! He will tolerate men if no woman is around to give him love though. He is affectionate, and decently quiet for a Conure. He cries only during the morning, and its a single squawk. He is being converted to pellets from an all seed diet, but it will be slow going after being on it all his life. He is in perfect feather, and beautiful when he flies! He does not like to be picked up in his cage and gives off warning signs of biting. Instead, he prefers to fly to you, or crawl onto your shoulder. He will allow some scratching from a woman, but really just prefers to hang out on your shoulder while you go about chores, cooking, etc He will preen you as well, and does so gently. He mumbles a great deal, but only says

Hello clearly and I think his name.

Dogs, noise, and new people do not see to bother him at all.

Ozzie would be a great addition to anyone's home!

Adoption Fee $75

Or   $125 With Cage

“COCO”  Goffin Cockatoo

Fostered by Karen A. Of Gibsonton, FL

Coco is a goffin cockatoo and is approximately 3 years old.  Coco is a very energetic and sweet bird.  She is a little nervous right now in his new foster home, but she steps up nicely and is quite friendly, so we feel that with a little more time she will open up and be very affectionate.  She is not a screamer but does like to vocalize various whistles and phrases including "It's a pretty bird". She does not seem to be bothered by other birds, but is a little wary of other animals, however, she is already starting to get used to their presence.  She likes to walk around on the floor and come to visit you.  She also likes to come out of his cage and sit on the door and dance! As you can see, she has plucked her chest, but she has down feathers coming in all over and we have not seen her pluck since she has been here.  She is a little timid of new things at first, but is definitely curious about her new toys, especially the foraging toys, all of which she figured out the first day, so she is definitely very smart!  Cockatoos in general are very intelligent, demanding birds that need a lot of attention and social interaction and Coco will definitely need that type of lifestyle to help her overcome her plucking issues.  Coco has been to the vet and has been cleared for adoption, but we are currently working on converting her to a better, more nutritious diet. If you are looking for a gregarious,

lifelong companion who will be with you

for the next 30-40 years, then Coco is for you!

Adoption Fee $350 Or $550 With Cage



Hello!! I’m Sinbad, a 26 year old Yellow Naped Amazon. I have been somewhat in a shell as of late, but I’m working on trusting people more and more every day. I love to play on my stand and talk all day. If you pay attention to my body language we will get along great. I will put my foot up for you when I want attention. I can be handled just fine, but I’m not too fond of too much petting just yet. I love to go on car rides in my carrier and say “Hang-on…Hang-on….weeee….weeee…ha, ha, ha”.

I have a very large vocabulary and learn fast. I am comfortable in large groups of people and don’t seem to be bothered by any other feathered friends.

I am a tad overweight and you need to watch my diet because I will eat anything.

I am currently on Pretty Bird Pellets with fruits and vegetables at dinner with

an occasional variety of nuts. Be patient with me and we can be best friends!!

“SINBAD”  Yellow Nape Amazon

Adoption Fee $350 Or   $550 With Cage

Fostered by Cory D. Of Port Orange, FL

Adoption Fee $350 Or   $550 With Cage

Marley is a 3 year old Nanday Conure, one of the larger species of conures, and can live up to 40 years! Nandays are extremely intelligent birds and are capable of learning tricks, mimicking sounds and learning a small vocabulary. Like all birds, Nandays are very social and require a lot of interaction to remain happy.  Conures are usually the most happy when in the center of the homes activity and the more fun stuff going on, the happier they will be! Marley is a really quiet bird and is very sweet. He doesn't like hands, but he is stick trained. Marley is on a seed diet and we are working on converting him to pellets along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Our dog doesn't seem to upset him nor do small children. This is a wonderful bird for someone in an apartment or smaller home.

Won't you consider adopting Marley? He is waiting for his forever family!

Nanday Conure "MARLEY"

Adoption Fee $75 Or   $125 With Cage

Fostered by Christy H. of Port Richey, FL


Adoption Fee $350 Or $550 With Cage

Fostered by Sherrie & Renee of Tampa, FL

Fostered by Sherrie & Renee of Tampa, FL